Posted 1st Jan 2023
Hi all, trying to settle a debate here - I wash my clothes only adding detergent, my mate uses detergent and a washing machine tablet and is trying to tell me I'm washing my clothes wrong - is either the preferred way?
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    Was recommended by experts to add detergent straight into the drum rather than drawer to prevent blockages, smell and mould
    Isn't the mould because it doesn't dry out? Pull the tray out to let it dry and no mould I've found.
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    washing machine tablets are terrible, they don’t dissolve properly, and just stick to your clothes, so you have to wash them again
    Adding tablet to small jug of lukewarm water, quick mix and chuck in the drum along with clothes works for me.
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    Your mate is a muppet.
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    I wouldnt bother with Fabric softener either. Totally unnecessary 
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    Eh? They're different types of the same thing.
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    Nokia made a mass produced phone 5110 that made phone calls

    It was great, it did everything.

    A bit like a washiing machine. Does it do the job or what? What is important is the detergent & whether is texts & calls or not.
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    Tablet is detergent. There's powder, liquid and tablets. He's just doubling up. You want one of them and fabric softener
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    Powder is best (liquid/tablets are bad for your machine) and you need less than you think - I use about a tablespoon per load, any more and the machine complains and does an additional rinse cycle.
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    What is washing machine tablet your mate referring to?
    Is it water softener tablets?
    Are you living at hard water arrea?
    That was my thought, too.
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    You're supposed to add a tablet, detergent, a capsule and a squirt of Fairy washing up liquid. Everyone knows this.

    In seriousness, you're correct.
    Do not and I mean NOT ever add washing up liquid to a washing machine. I did years ago, only a few drops as the machine had a smell thinking washing up liquid can cut through grease so surely it will result in an ultra clean washing machine and oh so how wrong I was.

    Luckily I was working from home that day and when I next walked into the kitchen I was greeted to a sud monster spewing out from the detergent drawer. Spent the next hour or so mopping up as more suds spewed out.
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    You should ask your mate what the washing machine tablet consists of or what its purpose is. Laundry detergent is available as powder, liquid, tablets, capsules, gel, etc. If they're using both powder and a tablet, they're spending twice as much as they need to.
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    This is best, that is best, blah blah - it's all just a matter of opinion. Been washing clothes for 40 years now and they ALL wash the clothes. Buy the cheapest powder, liquid etc and use as little as you find can do the job. Most people bung a bit in (probably too much) and get on with their life
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    I use soap nuts and nothing else. Never seen the need for softener and soap nuts do the job just as well as any detergent I've ever used. Natural, biodegradable and organic too. Cheaper than washing powder and good for the environment. Win win
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