DETTOL No-Touch Hand Wash System = Pointless

    Just seen the advert for this pointless gadget, I mean they say your soap pump handle harbours hundreds of germs but what is it you do after the soap is in your wash your hands and get rid of the germs WTF.
    No doubt some gullible so and so will think it's a great idea and shell out a tenner or whatever it is for the privilege.



    You're not the first person I've heard/read say it.


    oh my son has already been eyeing this up, he thinks it s a wonderful idea, and i am sure the soap would last a day with him, until the novelty wore off, and yes just an expensive soap dispenser

    then you turn off the tap after washing hands which has loads of killing dangerous bacteria... OH NOES! ;-)

    I know millions of peeps who have been struck down with terrible illnesses after using a tap :?

    and you open the door turn the light off, touching stuff that all have germs. what are we to do with all these germs, i mean how did the blue rinse brigade get to the age that they are with all these germs, or have thet been invented by the soap companies. hmmm this could be a conspiracy in the making

    What did we do before hand wash. WE DIED.

    But that 0.01% Germ could be on the handle, which wouldn't be destroyed by the soap :roll:

    Therefore this is an unbelievable product :-D

    I agree it's silly, but, aren't the germs put on before you wash your hands, ie when you get the soap?

    Imagine you've touched raw meat, you then turn tap on and press soap dispenser before your hands are clean. So you leave raw meat bacteria on the tap and soap dispenser.

    Fair point though that the only time you're gonna touch it you're gonna wash your hands anyway.

    OCD is no laughing matter.

    OCD is no laughing matter

    OCD is no laughing matter.

    OCD is no laughing matter

    OCD is no laughing matter.

    OCD is no laughing matter

    OCD is no laughing matter.

    OCD is no laughing matter

    OCD is no laughing matter.

    OCD is no laughing matter

    OCD is no laughing matter.

    OCD is no laughing matter

    Reminds me of a joke

    Man goes for a meal and while looking at the menu knocks his spoon on to the floor.

    Waiter standing next to him takes a spoon out of his top pocket and put it on the table.

    Customer says that is great, him having a spare spoon in his top pocket, so he asks the waiter why.

    "Well we had a time and motion guy here, and he found out 25% of customers knock their spoon on the floor so he said we should keep a spare one in our top pocket"

    The waiter went on to say "He also suggested we tie a piece of string to our zip fly and when we go to the toilet we can pull down our zip with the string, that saves us washing our hands afterwards which saves time".

    "Yes", ask the customer, "but how do you get your "thingy" back in your trousers".

    "Well I dont know about the others", says the waiter, "but I use the spoon".


    Reminds me of a joke.



    Sure, your nice new soap dispenser wont have any germs on it, but you still have to turn on the tap!! LOL

    This is up there with paddy's invention of the underwater hairdryer...

    just had to see this thing and my thoughts:
    about as much use as a chocolate fireguard
    about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike
    about as much use as a handbrake on a canoe

    It's not as bad as having no touch instant soup (the one without the water)

    These products do more harm than good, they feed on the paranoia of the gullible.

    Kids never get a chance to build up their immune systems.


    Seriously though who cares ? This isn't bacteria that will kill you. Every single thing you touch has bacteria from somewhere or something. Fact - This product is useless and your body kills 99.9% of bacteria it's self. I only wash my hands as it's clean not to kill bateria. I think the automatic taps are good though. I hate touching taps in public toilets, all those mens hands fresh from aiming their so and so's and all that splashback. ergh
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