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Found 10th Nov 2009

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Deux Ex has been one of the most important videogames ever created and … Deux Ex has been one of the most important videogames ever created and the man behind it is Warren Spector, the developer who is now in the limelight because of his involvement with Disney on the Epic Mickey Nintendo Wii project. Even at the moment, he is thoroughly dedicated to making the adventure title and is saying that he is still very much interested in creating a spiritual successor for Deus Ex (we'll all pretend that the Invisible War sequel never happened). Speaking with Variety, Warren Spector said that “There were and still are Deus Ex stories I would like to tell. That story is not done for me.” Apparently, the project is not a sequel but a sort of re-invention with the Junction Point leader stating that “I sort of filed the serial numbers off. Deus Ex was very much a game of the millennium.”The rights for the Deus Ex franchise are at the moment in the possession of Eidos, which has been recently bought by Japanese publisher Square Enix. The Montreal development studio of Eidos has been working on Deus Ex 3 for quite some time, with some concept art and some plot details leaked earlier during the year.The game is set in 2027, making it a prequel to the Deus Ex title Spector worked on, and will be featuring a main character that uses mechanical augmentations and not the nano bot ones players are used to. Cities likes Shanghai, Montreal and Detroit will be portrayed in Deus Ex 3 and a regenerative health system will be used, causing consternation among gamers.It would be great to actually see Warren Spector realize his vision of a successor for the original Deus Ex but with Epic Mickey set to be released in late 2010 and with another fantasy project created by the developer also of interest for Disney, it might be some time before we see that project come to life.

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