Deutsche Bank could be the next Lehman Brothers


Not could be, it WILL be...

Watch the market tomorrow, popcorn at the ready!

They'll be bailed out before that happens

I think most of of it has already been realised and in the price already . Not new news , hence the price has tanked in the last few days . Might even rise a bit tomorrow. Top tip , don't rely on old financial news from amateurs on HDUK oO

Yup, it's been going on for a while and it's share price tanks with every fine. It's true that the share price chart is almost a mirror image of Lehman before the collapse, but if DB collapsed it will take out the Euro. Either way it's not a good situation. Either give the lethal injection to the global economy, or give it pain killers and slow death by turning on the printing machine.

Edit as I was trying to find this chart again:
Edited by: "drasim" 29th Sep 2016

This has been on the cards for a year or two now. Of course our mainstream media hasnt been talking about it because they want everyone to think everything is just hunky dory.

When it hits the fan the 70k government protection scheme that is meant to protect your savings will fail miserably.

yup, Hedge Funds have started to pull their business, their counterparty banks will follow, seems people have lost faith and only Merkel can save them from future collapse.

derivatives market counterparty risk centralization ramped up after 2008 crisis will reduce the effect on other banks though.

Germany will undoubtedly be bailed out but the amount of collateral banks hold is far higher than in 2008.

if Germany has been happy to bail out Greece then DB will certainly be bailed out. Could be good value if it drops very low.
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