Devaluing of the X Meaning

    I know this is Valentines Day, and I am far from Bah Humbug!

    One thing I have been curious about lately, and call me old fashioned if you like, but I just don't understand the current trend in forums, particularly on here posting in deals for peeps posting virtual kisses in the form of xx at the end of near enough every post!

    Now I can understand it in Miscellaneous as a sign of affection towards someone, say if someone has an exam, health problem etc etc and someone wants to wish them "Good Luck xx" But a HUKD such as "Tesco have a 4 pack of Baked Beans for just 88P xx" I just do not get!

    Seems some peeps are using it at the end of every post on here. Is it just me or do others think it devalues the meaning of the x ?


    :)lol xx



    its the new lol
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