Few months ago, booked villa for 5 in South of France, also booked EJet flights (Mchester). 2-15 Aug.

    Got e mail today saying villa was no longer available, said someone in the family had been taken ill.

    It is a distant relative of someone I used to work with, so got it for a reasonable rate. Paid a deposit which he is going to refund.

    Call me cynical but I can't help feeling he has got a better offer.

    Have spent the whole day trawling every possible villa / gite website in South France area, not surpisingly very little availability for those peak weeks. Those that are available are completely out of our price range (Max £1000 for 2 weeks) Have also looked at hotels etc but just too pricey. Not sure tents would be suitable. (first holiday with nephew and my sister, he has a slight learning disability, so need something a bit more secure) Seems no mobile homes available either. Have tried everything

    Am beginning to despair, cannot afford to lose the cost of the flight and admin charges to change dates are too steep for 5.

    If anyone knows of a house / mobile home available tSouth France area first 2 weeks Aug to rent privately, please let me know.


    theree was a thread here about 5 days ago 29pppn for 3 * all inclusive in teh french alps…or/


    Sorry that you lost the villa. Hope you find somewhere else to stay.

    Sorry to hear that...Might be a bit of a long shot,but if you are realllly stuck,you might still be able to hire a deluxe motorhome! (there not here) Maybe not the best bet,but it could be fun. All the Best!


    Did you not book holiday insurance? This is what it's meant for.

    With holiday insurance, it doesn't always cover you if you have made individual arrangements for example, your flight, your accommodation. If you have organised a package holiday, insurance will normally pay out. It sounds crazy, but true.

    As op had organised this privately, it would be unlikely they would get anything back from an insurance company for obvious reasons. They do have their deposit money back however which is a good thing.

    OMG sorry to hear that, i had the same thing for an apartment overlooking the fabby sea but last minute the agent said the owner came back for her bday - urgh! luckily we found a decent place but because of the lateness, were charged same price for a double room rather than the whole apartment ... sans view too!

    hope all works out for your holiday, worth shopping around a bit more. would be amazing to get a better rate!

    Where are you flying to? Have you thought about driving over the border to Andora. Much cheaper living costs and they have lots of availability


    Is this any … Is this any good? - £804 for 2 weeks

    Looks lovely but they need a villa for 5


    Looks lovely but they need a villa for 5

    Whoops, thought they only needed the villa for 3, there is some available for villas with that company for the time they want, may have to settle for 7 days only?


    Original Poster

    Phew, many thanks guys

    Had tried most (but not yet all) of the sites suggested, still working my way through them just to make sure but there is just nothing available as peak season.

    FHS not expecting to get a better deal, just some sort of holiday and not lose cost of the flights.

    I have annual travel insurance, not covered for this, have looked into it.

    Have spent over 8hrs now trying to find something, (then wireless went off...probably totally knackered !)

    Have also tried to help out a couple of other people on here this evening.

    Have e mailed lots of companies but same response, lots of irons in the fire but still not looking hopeful. Have to work away for the next few days, with very little time for HUKD so many thanks to all who have tried to help us. I can come to terms with it but not looking forward to trying to explain to my nephew (who has the mental age of 7) and my sister who have not had any holiday for over 10 yrs.


    What airport you flying to?


    Hey! I posted a question 2 hours ago and the OP hasnt responded yet. Whats going on? Not happy

    Someone at work has the following advertised on our BB.

    [INDENT]Villa Apartment with private pool in Laroque des Albères - up to 7 guests

    This is a substantial private apartment, with its own large pool, in the attractive, medieval village of Laroque des Albères. It is located in a pleasant road, only five minutes walk from the village centre with its shops and restaurants.

    The first-floor apartment has spectacular views of the Pyrénées with the Mediterranean in the distance. It features a large lounge/dining room, with access to a terrace, a large fully-equipped kitchen, three good-sized bedrooms and two shower-rooms each with toilet and hand basin. Downstairs there is a secluded, well-established, garden with its own 5m x 10m (15 foot x 30 foot) swimming pool. There is also off-road parking available.

    This area can be reached by budget flights to any of five airports within comfortable driving distance.[/INDENT]

    Please let me know if you are interested and I will PM you with his name & number. Long shot for availability at this stage, but may be worth a try. Good luck :thumbsup:



    You got an attitude lady, whatever you were doing i think it was rude to … You got an attitude lady, whatever you were doing i think it was rude to not come back in 7 hrs and thank one person. What was it you took break from net or were looking through links on here. Sorry you lost your holiday but with your attitude i call it karma.My point was for half the night different people wewre running all other the net looking for deals for you and you didnt once come back and update us, as to whether we were in the right were your flights transferable or did it have to be in same general area.Or if you had found somewhere. It woulda taken 30 secs to post a reply thanks guys working thru them or something like that..IF you dont agree with my point of view thats your perogative i expressed an opinion its a free world last time i looked i didnt ask for your sarcasm in return. Generally i find in life if i treat people correctly i get treated right in return.

    You need to take a chill pill man! You fully deserved the reponse from iglimpse. Since when has someone needed to sit on their PC and monitor for any instant reponses to a question asked. Some people do have a life away from their PC so maybe she went out for the evening.

    Are you suggesting she isn't allowed to do this?

    I have spotted some bit could do with knowing which airport you are flying to and what requirements you are after ie bedrooms, pool, local facilities, driving distance from airport. Lots in the ski resorts at very good prices.

    That must be soo dissapointing for you iglimpse. I know the mare that the 5 of us had trying to find somewhere just in Cornwall last month for August. I'm sure that you will find something in the end (and hopefully it will be an even better place!) Good luck and have a fantastic summer holiday

    My normal places are:
    french connections
    Bonne Vacances
    Chez nous



    very rude diva

    What do you expect from a Diva? ;-)

    i'll ask my brother, he may be able to help... Although his wife has recently (fortnight ago) given birth to a 3 week premature baby, she's healthy though :thumbsup:

    that said, :w00t: does Max £1000 for 2 weeks what your looking to spend, so he has some idea...

    I expect a reply in 1 minute, or else i'll take my help elsewhere :giggle:





    7 hours wasnt shortly afterwards, and if nobody else agrees dont mean im … 7 hours wasnt shortly afterwards, and if nobody else agrees dont mean im wrong .

    Wikipedia definition of Diva explains everything we need to know :-D:-

    This derives from the implication that a star who is a "diva" is arrogant, difficult to work with, ]high-maintenance, manipulative, fussy, highly strung, privileged and demanding. He or she does not believe the law and accepted rules of courtesy apply to him or her.

    Good talk. This thread made me laugh cause the other day i realised that you dont get auto subscribed to threads you start so for months ive probably been asking quesitons and then never getting back to the thread because i assumed that no1 had replied.



    your opinion, its free world and i only have a problem with ppl who think … your opinion, its free world and i only have a problem with ppl who think they better than othersSeems ev1 hates different people on this sight someone always moaning about another member guess its my turn que sera sera

    FFS, just admit you were well OTT and impatient. apologise and move on. :whistling:

    So going back to the subject , did you sort your holiday out iglimpse?

    Talk about going off the thread - this was supposed to be helping someone find an alternative holiday! I'd be interested to hear if Iglimpse actually gets what she was after. (It's Franbo60 by the way, not Franbobo!!)


    This thread is seriously off track- cool it down please everyone.
    Deleting off topic comments


    Well done

    Original Poster

    Away 5 days, I seem to have missed some fun here, have no idea why.

    Still nothing sorted. Flying into Nice - 4 Aug 2 weeks

    All the companies I e mailed, have no vacancies.

    None of:

    french connections
    Bonne Vacances
    Chez nous
    have anything??

    Original Poster

    Not for those dates for approx under £1000


    What about this one ? … What about this one ?

    looks nice and good price but trouble is its 475km (5hrs) from Nice according to google

    Original Poster

    Have tried a few of the links above...nothing avaialble for next week. Have not tried every single link, many do not have availability online, only by form filling first...

    Not sure we can crack this one. Thanks for all the help

    Original Poster

    Put this one down to experience....

    But managed to get really good deal on flights to Spain and have managed to get a villa there for a reasonable price, so we are off on Monday. Its his first flight and he is so excited

    Thanks for all your help guys. Much appreicated.


    Put this one down to experience....But managed to get really good deal on … Put this one down to experience....But managed to get really good deal on flights to Spain and have managed to get a villa there for a reasonable price, so we are off on Monday. Its his first flight and he is so excitedThanks for all your help guys. Much appreicated.

    Glad that it's all sorted out in the end for you. Have a fantastic holiday :).
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