DEVIALET Gold Phantom Bluetooth Speaker £1,697.89 @ Amazon

Posted 6th Jun
Lowest price ever for this amazing speaker.…QQ/

  • BEST WIRELESS SPEAKER IN THE WORLD: The most accurate and powerful speaker from Devialet creates a live concert experience. It features our exclusive Analog Digital Hybrid Technology. With power, clarity and precision unlike anything you’ve heard before
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: 4500 peak watts is enabled by 108 patents produces , a titanium tweeter offers an unparalleld frequency range of 14Hz to 27kHz and 108 db
  • ALL YOUR SOURCES: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirPlay, Spotify Connect, TV, Web Radio; Wi-Fi Dual-band (a/b/g/n 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz)
  • MULTI-ROOM: Connect Phantom in your kitchen, bedroom and living room filling your home with sound, using our Dialog (Smart-Hub) and app to control each room
  • PERFECT FOR ANY ENVIRONMENT: It adapts to any environment, both modern and classic, making listening unique in any area of the house
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Bargain,bought 100 for ebay
Looks like a character from Portal
Bargain,bought 100 for ebay
Only 3 in stock so hurry.
Does not ship to Northern Ireland. Damn
I'm sure my wife has a mini version of this in her nightstand, I didn't realise it was a tiny speaker.
£5.99 postage because I live in the Highlands? You've lost a sale from me there then.
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Bought 2 for stocking fillers and 1 for secret Santa
Damn. I've only got £2k to spend on a bluetooth speaker.
Nice of Arsene to leave an odd number for the rest of us :…977
Lol how much for a flower pot
Good way to get a divorce..... Purchased! lol
Any cash back via Quidco?
Sound amazing..
I bought the DEVIALET Gold Phantom sink plug for £600 it keeps the water in the sink better than a normal plug!
Considered, the two for stereo was a put off had a demo and yeah they sound good but the cost factor overweighs the tech

Settled on a aiwa exos 9 after considering the fluance fi70 but avoided due to shipping and lack of availability uk.
Tons of bass soundstage and seperation not so good as expected with this design.
The apple of the speaker world imo.
That looks like a tampon, a very very expensive tampon.
Aren't these the ones thst are advertised on Face book for 30 quid. I love 3rd party sellers on amazon
To be fair, they sound pretty good for the price if you are into Hifi, and does not require all the cluttering cabling and space. This is probably a good price if you are going to buy it anyway because they seldom offer any discount.

Slightly cheaper at £24.96 on Amazon UK but I would buy the DEVIALET..............if I could afford it!…h=1
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skik0806/06/2020 12:00

Does not ship to Northern Ireland. Damn

I'm going to drive over and pick one up. I'll get one for you as well? Sure you can sort me out when I come back.
Been seeing endless ads for cheap knock offs of these lately! Are these good speakers?
CroNicz06/06/2020 11:59

Looks like a character from Portal

£2.2k on this or 2k on a good set of KEF's and a decent amplifier; doesn't seem like a good deal at all.
Saw these last year in Singapore - thought they were the ugliest looking speakers I’d ever seen...guess the fools have more money than style sense..
Bazza7106/06/2020 13:06

Now I WANT one....
Honestly the best way to get one is from abroad with a VAT refund, got €400 back when I bought it in Germany
Lovely item I need to order from Santa Claus 2 minimum
Speakers used by social influencers product salespeople that get them for free to pose with in their YouTube unwrapping another new phone.

People like that, need Therapy.
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saucymonk06/06/2020 15:20

Been seeing endless ads for cheap knock offs of these lately! Are these …Been seeing endless ads for cheap knock offs of these lately! Are these good speakers?

No. Stylised and not worth more than a couple of hundred quid at the most.

Buy a pair of KEF wireless speakers (I think model is LS50's) if you want style and substance, or get more for your money by buying a mid-range amp, a Wireless streamer (Yamaha Musiccast or Arcam's equivalent) and a pair of traditional speakers.
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