DEVIALET Silver Phantom 3000W (105db) - High-end wireless speaker- Bluetooth- AirPlay £1,280.04 Amazon

Posted 1st Jul
This may not be for everyone but note that i have not seen this type of reduction on this product before. £500 off, i agree this is expensive but take a look at the reviews.…5W/

Looks like they are discontinuing this model (3000W):…om/

Replaced with a lower powered (2000W):…om/

This is probably so that there is more of a difference between the 2000W and the 45000W - Also i know this is not peak RMS values but i am quoting from the website.

I managed to purchase the Phatom Gold 4500W from Amazon yesterday, now Currently Unavailable. £2.5k down to £1.7k (the preowned ones sell for more on eBay)

If you haven't heard these speakers then i guess you won't appreciate the cost. It may be overpriced for what it is, but it is a seriously nice bit of kit.

They make claims of
0 distorsion – 0 saturation – 0 background noise

It is true when you listen to them. Anyway i'll probably see a minus number on the heat but hopefully it will help someone.
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Jamie Lawrence isn't happy
jayelloh01/07/2020 13:54

Jamie Lawrence isn't happy

I'm not a football fan, so that went over my head...
Never heard of these before but specs and review sounds awesome, If I had money to spunk Id probably be all over these as the reviews sound great and I think they look pretty cool. Well well well out of my price range but Ill vote a hot as decent savings over standard price and as being discontinued might make it harder to purchase in the future…iew

PS if you want to but 2 for stereo I believe you need and extra accessory for £250
Dig around at the specifications on their website, they claim 105db SPL at 1 meter.

Using my Monitor Audio bookshelf speakers as a reference (92db 1watt/1meter) I would need to supply a whopping 11 watts (RMS) to get that SPL figure, 3000 watts..... lol
Andy, i have heard these in Harrods and the Devialet shop and they are no way comparable to 11w speakers. They are mind blowing! Take a look at the reviews online comparing them to B&O etc.
frequency range of 16Hz to 25kHz is unbelievable
Review says you can feel that bass! Id like to see what they sound like
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