Device for Spotify in kitchen?


    Looking to have a tablet in the kitchen purely for radio / Spotify.

    Something that looks nice, with half decent speakers. Must be cheap for it to be worthwhile. (I currently just use my iphone but want to have something more per ant set up)

    Any ideas? Anyone else doing something similar?


    Forget the tablet, get yourself a Sonos play 1

    I have sonos play 1 and bose mini soundlink in the kitchen with dezzer and both very good

    ... you can't use a Spotify free account with Sonos though, you have to go Premium.

    How does the free account work? I'm currently taking advantage of premium for 99p for 3 months. Id never used it before. It's brilliant

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    Sonos is too expensive to be honest. I was thinking of using a 2nd hand Blackberry Playbook or other cheaply tablet.

    just get a portable Bluetooth speaker and connect too your phone.
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    I don't think you'll find many cheap tablets have quality speakers but you could rectify that by making sure you buy one with Bluetooth and buy a jam speaker for less than £20 on top.

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    I didn't want to use my phone in case I was out and the Mrs was using it etc

    Playbook have good front facing speakers but I don't know if Spotify works with it. Hauwei Mediapad that EE sell has front facing speakers and you would be able to get the Spotify app through google play store.

    I'd get a cheap tablet and hook some speakers to the 3.5 on it.

    I have a chromecast setup to some speakers for wireless streaming it's great.

    But sounds like you need something small so id get a small tablet that has a dock if it's in the kitchen can be used for recipes etc as well. Then get some 2.0 speakers for it.

    Nexus 2012 is cheap and cheerful atm. Or get a cheap android phone?
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