Devices for recording/pausing TV on Panasonic G10??

Found 2nd Sep 2010
Hi guys/gals,

I have a panasonic g10 which has pause and recording options, but no actual storage to record onto, so they dont yet work.

Does anyone know of which devices will work with the tv to enable me to record and pause the tv, still using the panasonic remote.

I only want some basic storage - ideally just an external HDD which also plays divx/xvid etc - but it must be able to automatically record when the TV outputs via its "monitor out" scart socket.

Im not up to date on what will/wont work with tech stuff, so all help appreciated!
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Is the lack of response due to there not being a compatible product out there?

I know panasonics own dvd/pvr recorders work with it, but they're all too big and expensive!
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