Dewalt drill required

Posted 18th Sep

I am in the market for a dewalt drill, and being the first drill I’ve ever bought I’m kind of lost with all the model numbers etc and which is a good drill and what models to avoid. Not sure whether brushed or brushless is best/worth extra money etc.

I’m looking at spending as close to £100 as possible, can go higher if need be though (max of £150) 2.0AH batteries are plenty too.

These are the ones I have found on my searches:…BwE…prd…9cf…979

If anybody could shed some light on which are the best/good value and which to avoid that would be great. Also if anybody has seen any other deals or have any other suggestions then please do suggest away!

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dewalt are *stil*l black & decker or not?
might change your perception of "good"
Mr_Gus18/09/2019 11:03

dewalt are *stil*l black & decker or not?might change your perception of …dewalt are *stil*l black & decker or not?might change your perception of "good"

Do you have any other recommendations for drills around my price point?
Are you a tradesman? Setting up / claiming it back etc..

Or just attracted to the brand?

What will be the main use?

You haven't mentioned any of that (context) which will likely help with salient suggestions via replies.
Apologies, no just general diy around the house but want a brand that will last.
Bosch PSB 1800 Cordless if it's just for stuff around the house.
No problem, context gets you there faster.

If not needed straight away...

Black Friday or sooner here on hukd will result in a perfectly good green chassis li-ion 18v Bosch drill for around £59.00 that's for finishing jobs after a cheap generic 500+ watt mains corded hammer action drill (to get through brick etc) will complement the cordless.

After that a mixed set of metal, stone, wood bits in a box for the occasional user (diy) & a decent set of small bits with a magnetic holder to use with your cordless, from the likes of sealey, ..probably more than you'll ever use for mainstream jobs.

Use the search box on expired deals to get an idea of what tends to "come around" regularly & set up an alert for keywords like bosch, drill, drillbits, hammer action drill, etc.

Hope that helps, if urgent, key words will alert you anyway, contemplate one you must have had a job in mind already?
If starting from scratch, there is also a very good Homebase "craftright" black plastic box of mini drivers, ratchets & a perfectly good mini ratchet screwdriver, I use that more these days than my larger Stanley one, it can go as low as £2.00 but I'd happily recommend it for a fiver, versatile & compact.
Avoid the DCD776D2T- GB as I have it and the hammer function has failed just after the year warranty.
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