Dewalt Impact & Combi twin pack - which one?

Posted 28th Aug 2020
I've ruined my DeWalt combi taking it apart and losing parts, so I'm looking for a replacement. I've seen people suggest getting a twin pack with an impact driver - firstly, for a casual DIY'er what's the benefit of a dedicated impact driver? (I'm okay with this, just getting my arguments ready.)

Secondly, which models should I be looking at? I'm looking to stay with DeWalt as I've got some batteries and a DeWalt jigsaw already. So no problem going with a bare tool kit. I've seen previous discussions saying to go for a drill with a metal chuck rather than plastic, but any other pointers?
Right now I'm looking at this:
DCF887N & DCD796N
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That’s the one you want
The benefit of an impact driver is that you can drive in screws very quickly. If you are doing decking for example a driver will drive the screws in effortlessly quickly and firmly. You can use your drill to make a small pilot hole and then just pick up the driver and drive your screw in instantly rather than having to take the drill bit out, insert a pozi bit, change mode, and then drive the screw in, etc. You might consider going for a brushless set if your budget allows. The kit you are looking at is a good one.
With all these packs one thing to look at is the torque of the impact driver. There is a huge variation.
I have that set up with 4.ah battery, simply brilliant. Variable speed is must on impact driver. Metal chuck also a good sign.
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