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    apparantly the vet told the people i got my kitten from that they dont really need deworming or defleaing as they live in flat and none of cats go out and if they are going to live in a flat then there is no need does this sound right? i have one cat and never dewormed her since i had her as was told not to as she has never been out but pretty sure she was dewormed as a kitten before she came to me although her mum did go outside so proberly why


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    any cat owners about??

    Worming and flea treatment is recommended highly

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    even though they never go out???

    Well yes, although the choice is yours. They are less likely to be infested with fleas if they don't go out but it doesn't make them immune. Lymes disease can develop through these means, so why take the risk of secondary problems?

    Ive had a cat for 4 years and hes never once had worms but I got a kitten when he was 6 weeks old and had problems with worms for over a year. We lived in an aprtment and they were both house cats.. tried all the usual stuff like bob martin etc till I gave up n went to the vets (rspca). they only charged about £5 and weve never had trouble since.. That was just over 18 months ago... my advice is do it just in case you never know and its easier to prevent than to treat after!:thumbsup:

    my vet has always told me all cats and dogs need worming every three months


    my vet has always told me all cats and dogs need worming every three … my vet has always told me all cats and dogs need worming every three months

    My vet drives a top of the range BMW:)


    My vet drives a top of the range BMW:)

    funny but you dont have to buy from the vets its your choice

    iu would strongly recommend drontel for deworming avaliable from the pharmacy its about 3 pounds and its fab same as the vets give ya one tablet covers em for 12 weeks

    Frontline is the best for fleas. I had a cat that never went out - she got fleas. When I asked the vet, I was told it could be a flea that happened to come into the house - e.g. on someone's clothing. Would have transferred from there.

    That was also when I discovered that all the stuff you can buy in the supermarket is rubbish, and flea collars are a waste of time and might even cause skin irritation on the cat. Frontline used to only be available from the vet, but you can get it other places too, now.

    My cats were wormed as kittens, but I don't do that regularly. The vet recommended a worming tablet for one of them when I took her in for her vaccination booster, as she hunts. (The other one doesn't, so I didn't bother for her). Having said that, I don't even know if the tablet ever got where it needed to be - the cat who needed to take it was one that's just about impossible to get tablets into!



    even though they never go out???

    worms come from food stuffs as well:w00t::thumbsup:
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