dexter season 3 who's gonna be watching it then??

    its been a long wait for this super show to be back woohoo!!

    i can't wait tonight fx come on!!!!!


    gonna sky plus it to watch in peace and quiet tomorrow :thumbsup:

    Original Poster


    What channel?

    its one FX mate!

    SKY+ series link here we come...


    SKY+ series link here we come...

    exactly :thumbsup:

    Brilliant - thanks for reminding me.

    Can't wait!!

    Just finished the latest book in the series so more than ready for my next fix of Dexter on TV!

    Anyone seen any good deals on Dexter clothing anywhere? Most of the good stuff I've seen online comes from the States, obviously!

    Thank you for that, i would have forgot it was starting tonight:thumbsup:

    canni wait one of the best shows on tele


    No idea what that channel is so will watch it when it's back on ITV.

    164 on sky

    I downloaded it about 3 months ago... still havent watched it yet!

    Original Poster


    I downloaded it about 3 months ago... still havent watched it yet!

    same as but not the same as the tv unless i use me divx player but an hour to go whoopee!

    I've seen the whole series .Excellent !!

    Seen it already, waiting for season 4!

    Yep, I've watched it too.


    season 3 was not good as season 2 IMO

    I never thought i could like a serial killer .
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