Dexter season 4-anyone watching?

Found 1st Dec 2009
Watched episode ten last night-absolute edge of the seat stuff-how could they leave it hanging like that?? aagh! I want the last 2 episodes..NOW!

greatest show on tv imho
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brilliant programme - we usually record them but the one time I cant watch it is having tea !
superb! I thought it might go downhill this year as its not based on the books but still as good as ever, if not better,
yep still good series
You watching this online, or has it started on FX?
im watching, and its my favourite show. havent seen this episode yet though.. (dog chewed threw my ethernet cable! :@) grrrr
I agree, Much better series than the last one i think. 2 episodes to go...so much to happen! can't wait
Im up to episode 9 of season 4.
The best show around, bar none!
I have got episode 10 to watch tonight, i cant wait! lol

You watching this online, or has it started on FX?

Online - thanks for getting back to me :roll:
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