Posted 25th Jan 2022
Hey guys, i must be cursed i swear !
ordered a 3+2 seater from DFS back in September, after waiting 4 months the delivery men, damaged the 3 seater at both ends and marked my wall attaching the rear back rests onto the seat cushions half of the sofa.
The 2 seater has a tear in the leather on the back cushion and hasn't even been put together, backs dont line up and i can just wobble/lift up the left side.
i gave the guys room to put them together so they dont feel like im breathing over them, i was sat in my kitchen having a drink when they said all done mate and kept on walking away as i was asking questions like, do i need to sign anything ? and commenting on how quickly they did it.
before i knew it they were pulling off whilst i was trying to check them over, noticed the problems straight away but they were gone.
i ordered online not instore and reading the terms and conditions i have a 14 day cooling off period to change my mind.
i called the number off their website and was told id get a call to repair it, i told them i dont want a repair and the woman said talk to them about it when they call.
i decided to email them a few minutes later including pictures to make sure they are notified early.
Today someone called me from 08001105000 to book a service visit to look at repairing it, i told them i do not want a repair, i didnt pay 2 grand to get a damaged patched up sofa and want the sofa collecting and a replacement or to cancel the finance all together but the lad just ignored every attempt i made and continued to book a service visit regardless of how many times i refused a repair and said i want it collecting.
he said he cannot arrange a collection and the process is a repair by my local store.
in the end i got really annoyed and said i would take it further and asked for his name and he refused stating he doesn't have to give it to me.
any idea what i should do next any ceo emails etc.. available because i need to bring my old sofa back inside before it rains but cant put this one out in the rain either i guess ?
appreciate any help !
oh forgot theres a dip you can push your fingers into on one of the arms too like theres a gap in the filling
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