DFS Christmas Sale adverts started already

Found 15th Oct 2008
Just been channel hopping and seen the DFS Christmas adverts have started already? Is it just me or does anyone else get really stressed by these things? They are so early as well. Its only October 15th?!?!


It's not christmas until the Coca Cola one runs

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Exactly! Not getting all bah humbug but there should be rules about this sort of thing??


great can t wait to see it for 20'000 over christmas

DFS are having a sale? Blimey, better get down there quick before it ends..........................

lol DFS are always having sales
Christmas if just another reason for one lol new year sale will be soon

why would anyone get stressed at an advert?

of course i dont see the point in christmas either so perhaps im just missing something..mind you the time off work is handy

DFS - a finance clearing house the furniture is just a bonus. lol
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