DFS damaged my flooring

Found 12th Mar 2008
DFS delivered new suite the other week and have scratched the flooring, approx 1/2 a foot long (wood top flooring). Waiting for the Manager to come round the house to inspect.

I understand that some companies offer to get a Polisher out to correct, but seen as I only laid the floor a month ago should I expect more to be done, especially as the flooring comes with a warranty, if covered up by a polisher does this then void the warranty on the flooring?

Any help or advice?
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Wait and see what they say.

How would anyone know if the warranty would be void? You need to ask the supplier of the flooring.
Get your smack down and demand a replacement floor panel/tile.
Seems there delivery guys are quite careless. When dfs was delivering our sofabed they left marks on the wall. Also had the manager come round and in the end they paid for painting the hallway.
Thanks for your responses. I will try and get my smack down, ha ha
Failing smackdown.. you could try and find a deal for a can of whoop as*

Oh dear, thats terrible news, hope they sort it out for you - as they are fully responsible! Let us know how you get on , and good luck!


Failing smackdown.. you could try and find a deal for a can of whoop as*

Did you not keep any spare flooring, surely you didn't manage to buy the exact right size without thinking about such accidents? If they were to buy a new panel it would be from a different batch and the pattern/colour won't match.
Have you ever tried replacing a section of wooden flooring? if its tongue and groove there is a danger they may damage the surrounding areas when they remove it. Even if they cut it away very carefully how do they slot the new bit in unless they remove the tongue in which case there is a danger of it being slightly loose on one side.

Polishing might be by far the safer option....maybe a floorer can give more advice.

I'm sure the answer will be yes but have you now fitted felt pads to the furniture to prevent any further scratching?
if they do a properly you wont even notice, but it will cost them a lot
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