Posted 1st Sep 2022
So, I know there is alot of negative feedback re DFS but they have a recliner sofa set that I like which isn't avail in the other big stores. Looking to place an order but was wondering if any one could point me in the direction of a discount code or even free delivery? Thanks
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    I believe they might have a sale starting soon .
    In all seriousness whenever I've bought big ticket items from DFS and the like I've always managed to get a discount simply by asking.
    I treat these palces like a used car dealer and use the price ticket on display as a maximum with room for haggling. (edited)
    Iv asked the question in store and also asked over the phone, they ain't budging
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    Closing down sale this, autumn, winter & spring
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    Keep an eye on the price right upto your delivery day, if it falls, visit the store and they will credit the difference.
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