Posted 26th May 2021
3731055-bggkP.jpgI purchased a Tropicana sofa from DFS and it arrived on April 25th 2021, 3 weeks after this date the leg snapped off it. A service manager came and ‘fixed’ it, although I wasn’t allowed to be in the room with him a while he did, it was almost secretive. Then 3 weeks after the repair it happened again to the same leg and also another one. Another service manager came out and despite me saying I wanted a replacement just ‘repaired’ it anyway. He stated that the last person had done it wrong and that it also had the wrong screws in it from the manufacturer. What can be done? It’s wobbly again and I just feel like I’m getting no where. I’m not very good with confrontation due to previous DV.3731055-LUtrt.jpg3731055-BPwNj.jpg
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