DFS - we're going to buy a sofa :(

    OK, after a few weeks/months of searching. we have found a sofa we like. The sofa is intended for the conservatory, so we don't need/want a hugely expensive one.

    We have seen this from DFS:…on/

    The one we are after is the Small 2 Seater Pillow Back Sofa at £469 with £39 delivery.

    Are we crazy for wanting to buy from DFS?

    Is it really half price?

    Should we go elsewhere?!


    you like it, get it.

    we have just bought a half price sofa from them too on the 4 years interest free credit option. we havnt bought from them before but they are a massive company and after speaking to the sales guy we were impressed. only drawback though is that we have to wait up to 10 weeks for the sofas to be made.

    the half price thing is a gimmick, be aware their warranties arn't very good, i.e the frame tends to be the only thing covered, if you like and are happy with the price i woudnt worry.

    If you like it and you think it is comfortable go for it.
    Only comment I would make is that the big pillows at the back tend to move about a bit and can look a bit of a mess as you have to keep straightening them.

    its not half price no.
    If its what you want buy it..but i think most of the large chains work the same way 10weeks wait. My sister in law had a leather one which was damaged and she had to wait months for a replacement.
    ours is fom M&S and they guarantee for 5 years even fabric.

    i was waiting for my sofa 12 weeks, very good, nice sofa, but it's all year round half price or sale

    hi i purchased a half price sofa for £3k it's 2 years old and i've had to buy foam for the seats as they don't use foam now they put like a duvet filling in and you have to plump them daily and the arm is also sister also tried to claim as the seats were totally flat and the claim inspected said u need to turn them daily.....utter rubbish would defo not use again


    I recommend Argos/homebase. we bought a pair finest italian leather for £11,00, would have paid twice the amount at DFS. 10 months later, one of them began to wear, mainly the one that was wiped down often (leather sofa) kids spilling drinks etc. They came out, inspected, full refund offerred as same ones were out of stock. By then there was a sale on and we got 2 other nice italian leather ones for £700 for the pair that was half price! The are great look v expensive. My sister purchased once from DFS, they swore about thier guarantee, when they begin to wear they didnt honour as they said its normal wera & tear.

    we got our sofa from dfs about 8 years ago, still going strong and looks like new.... and we have 4 kids!!

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    Ordered! Thank you all.
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