dg reg fd elizabeth ii coin 1981- anyone tell me the value of this coin?

Found 6th Oct 2012

can anyone tell me the value for this coin!
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Bout tree fiddy
I would pay quite a bit for one
I would pay more than linuxlinks. Prolly bout tree fiddy more.
It is the Charles & Di wedding crown, so its value is 25p
Is it legit?

It is the Charles & Di wedding crown, so its value is 25p

haffa fiddy?
Usually a 5p coin is worth 5p
10p coin is worth 10p
20p coin is worth 20p
Etc, etc...

Hope that helps.
Thread closed - you have a full sales ban already in place and no further misc valuation thread permitted either please.

* krishan1995 if you continue to submit misc valuations (for any items) they will be treated as continued breaches of your existing sales ban. If you want to discuss further then use the main contact link but new threads will be actioned in accordance with trade forum rules.

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