ordered a phone, despatched on 21st ,next day delivery lol, DHL tracking says

    Delivered 26/04/11 19:28 Signatory SOM ....................CANTERBURY SOUTH SERVICE CENTRE

    who / what is SOM? Haven't had a delivery, missed delivery card, nothing.

    Anyone able to decode this? Cheers



    Apparently the SOM means that the delivery driver finished his round before being able to deliver it.

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    thanks, how very misleading to track as delivered at 19.28 on 26th then.



    thanks, how very misleading to track as delivered at 19.28 on 26th then.

    I would guess it tracks as delivered when it hits the depot. I could be wrong though!

    Very odd.

    Usually delivered would mean just that.
    Would usually say something like scanned in when accepted by one of the delivery depots.
    Because of the Easter holiday anything sent next day delivery on the 21st would not have been delivered until the 26th, unless you had paid extra for a Saturday delivery.
    I should give them a ring as they appear to have delivered to the wrong address.

    Perhaps it's an abbreviation for the local final delivery people? They now have it and you'll get it from them this very day. Fingers crossed.

    This happened to me once... Said that in the morning before 12, driver turned up at around 3 and delivered parcel (before1:00pm post!) without taking signature!

    I phoned up amazon and got refunded the delivery cost.

    Sometimes they sign it themselves to keep to quotas and then deliver it when they actually got some time.
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    email from DHL this morning ...

    Unfortunately at this time we are unable to provide you with an update on your shipment.
    Please contact your supplier who will need to contact us and raise an investigation on your behalf.


    Its been delivered to someone called SOM, whoever that is!

    SOM is the driver's description of who he delivered your item to...Son Of Mum, basically himself :P

    Something strange with my DHL delivery too:

    Out for delivery 27/04/11 09:25 LINCOLN SERVICE CENTRE
    Re-routed to another courier 27/04/11 LINCOLN SERVICE CENTRE
    Arrived At Depot 27/04/11 05:22 LINCOLN SERVICE CENTRE
    Arrived At Depot 26/04/11 21:19 MANCHESTER TERMINAL
    Departed Depot 26/04/11 19:00 ASHTON SERVICE CENTRE
    Parcel data received awaiting coll. 24/04/11 ASHTON SERVICE CENTRE

    Normally it's delivered from Nottingingham or Mansfield, I assume because bank holiday's they've gave the deliveries to another courier.

    after a quick google it means signature will manifest meaning the driver must've finished before delivering it.

    I once had a laptop misdelivered by DHL. Whilst I was waiting at home for it to arrive, they tried delivering it to a neighbour (having misread the address) who was out. They left a 'you were out when we tried delivering' card with the neighbour, and left my laptop with another neighbour! Very annoying. I wouldn't have known who to collect from were it not for online tracking.

    SOM - Sort Out Mess

    SOM stands for 'signature on manifest' This means that the driver has been unable to make the delivery for some reason and has signed the manifest to explain why. It doesnt help you getting your parcel but it allows DHL to send it out again knowing the reason was the drivers fault and who he/she is. I work for DHL!

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    got home from work late last night and see an email fro CPW

    Thank you for your recent email.
    I have attempted to call you today by phone but I was unable to speak to you.
    I am sorry you seem to be experiencing a delay in the delivery of your order, I have contacted DHL who are the selected courier to enquire where your parcel is and also to see when the product will be delivered.
    DHL have confirmed delivery of the order and confirmed the abbreviation which is shown in your email enquiry (SOM) as signed on manifest. I understand that by you emailing us you have not received the handset and we are now awaiting a proof of delivery from DHL. The enquiry we have opened with DHL can take up to 48 hours and we will have no further information until we have received this information from DHL.

    the phone wasn't delivered yesterday either. weird.

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    Just got home, still no phone. Checked tracking on DHL it has been changed and now says
    Ident Code (1) Current Status ....Date .....Time Signatory Branch Comments
    .. Consignee Cannot Be Reached 28/04/11 18:59 NULL CANTERBURY SOUTH SERVICE CENTRE


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    I cancelled the order with CPW and they said fine they'd get DHL to return it to them. A few days later it was delivered to my neighbour (even though we were in). Muppets
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