Okay.. Well I had something sent next day on monday - and its STILL not come...

    When I go on tracking it now says

    HSD Out for Delivery awaiting IOD

    Does anyone know what that means?


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    Heres all the tracking info:

    HSD Out for Delivery awaiting IOD 19/09/07 MANSFIELD HOME DELIVERY
    Out for delivery 18/09/07 08:23 MANSFIELD HOME DELIVERY
    Released to other delivery agent 18/09/07 06:43 MANSFIELD SERVICE CENTRE
    Arrived At Depot 18/09/07 06:23 MANSFIELD SERVICE CENTRE
    Security check 18/09/07 HAMS HALL
    Parcel Picked Up 17/09/07 18:32 O2 - CUSTOMER LOCATION
    Shipment Data Received 17/09/07 LEEDS SERVICE CENTRE

    HSD = Home Delivery Service, means it is on a subbies van for delivery

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    What does IOD mean??

    Im really annoyed with DHL.

    I had to beg a family member to stay home today and yesterday and it didnt come.

    Now i have to cancel all my plans for tomorrow and come home as soon as i finish college [12].

    We use it to mean Independant Operator Download, when it is not on one of our own vehicles and awaiting POD details to come into the server, but I don't know if DHL have a different meaning. Not in work at the moment so can't ask one of the guys in DHL, they do work 24/7 you just need the right number, which is in my desk :giggle:

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    Lol - Its just really annoying me because its a IF it'll come tomorrow..

    Might still come tonight, the subbies work till about 10pm. :thumbsup:

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    Ooh, sorry to sound blonde, but whats a subbie -is it like a 'franchise' courier?

    Also - If it doesnt, what time does DHL Customer services open tomorrow?

    Can't you stick a note on your door for it to be left with a neighbour?

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    High value item, they wont let me.

    tOmm just get everything delivered to my house as I'm in all day as I don't work!

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    LOL. As much as i would, they wouldnt let me - High Value Item. Will only send to debit/credit address.


    tOmm just get everything delivered to my house as I'm in all day as I … tOmm just get everything delivered to my house as I'm in all day as I don't work!

    I think you should get a job.

    Subbie in my understanding is either on one of the vans or a contracted company who deliever for DHL.

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    James, do you know how long they class NextDay delivery @ DHL??..

    Like at latest?

    Tend to find been drunk most of the day and getting a job go well together!

    One would expect nextday to be nextday or the day after unless its the weekend or bank holiday.

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    So would i, yet its been two working days since it was despatched [two working days AFTEr the day]

    I rarely get anything shipped through DHL because its like a billionmile trip to their depot.

    Next day doesn't always mean it liturally, to me next day is 3 - 5 working days. Though DHL have never let me down, but like I said I rarely use them, prefer the RoyalMail because of never being in until the evening / lunch.

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    Wasn't my choice damned DHL & o2.


    Wasn't my choice damned DHL & o2.

    Fair enough, will probably arrive tomorrow then imo.

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    If it doesnt arrive by say 2PM should i ring them?

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    Didnt turn up tonight, will wait til 6PM today and give a ring if not.

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    Still not here - tracking is the same as yesterday.

    Pretty unacceptable really.

    Can't really help with the DHL issue, but hows the job searching going?

    Did you here back from Tesco or B&Q?

    There are a ton of Christmas jobs just popped up this week, so could well be worth looking in your area, I think every highstreet shop needs a temporary staff! :giggle:

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    Yeah i heard back from b&q - nope ;[

    Tesco didnt reply - idiots ^^.

    Ima start looking soon, i gave up until tnext month.


    Why are o2 using DHL to ship items ?

    Is this normal ?

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    High value Items yeah, its a brand new phone

    As you sent your message, it was just delivered.
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