DHL - A complete joke

Found 14th Nov 2006
I had a parcel coming from Currys yesterday via DHL. Marked on the website as 'out for delivery' and I rang them to confirm it was coming. Stayed in all day, nothing came. Checked the website and it was marked as 'unable to reach consignee'. Rang the helpline - the lady who answered rang the driver who said that he 'was unable to find our house, and 'was going back to the office to look at a map'. I asked if this was a joke? These are one of the largest delivery companies, but have no satellite tracking in the cab, not even a map, apparently. Didn't even bother phoning me for directions. Just a warning if anyone thinks about using them. I won't and in future won't buy from any company that does.
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Get the drivers name if you can and if you can be bothered e-mail/snail mail a complaint, no maps, no gps in a delivery van is a bit retarded, u should also mention not having a £10 map cost u an entire day at home loss of wages? etc, cc it to currys as well maybe.

It probably won't make much of a difference, especially considering how appauling DSG CS can be but worth a go, DHL should know better.
Well, i know from working at pc world, if something doesnt arrive on time, you can make a claim for taking the day off work etc, its not much, but, still makes the inconvinence a little better.

But, its not DSG youll have to take it up with, but the courier company.
Good luck.
they use self-employed drivers
i had a collection not long ago and i though the driver was a mess... he had a visitor pass from dhl... luckily the parcel arrived at destination...
Yes DHL are using lots of sub contractors for their DHL is a white van..but the driver seems an efficient guy so no problems so far.

A few weeks ago I had a non delivery from City Link..I phoned the depot and they confirmed that the parcel had been put on the van but had been returned and the delivery address had been carded....complete and utter nonsense as I had not been carded..I think the driver just thought I've had enough for today so I'll just return to the depot.

When the parcel was delivered the following day the box was marked with "no answer/carded"..when I challenged the driver I had the usual retort.."wasn't me mate"
Thats really interesting to hear, and freaky too, coz i've just ordered a laptop of Curry's and it was scheduled for today. I just been to the gym and missed the delivery but they left a note saying i can pick it up at their service centre or rearrange the delivery. Me being a lazy bum forgot to check online about the delivery and didnt know it was scheduled for today :x
I've had a rant at DHL, but I'm not expecting anything. I'm simply not prepared to let Currys pass the buck, though. My contract was with them, not DHL, they simply chose DHL to deliver, so I have asked them to comment. This isn't the first time this has happened with DHL, yet sometimes they deliver just fine. Must be the sub-contract drivers you mention. Personally, I think the driver simply couldn't be bothered, perhaps ran out of time and went home, but it is very annoying when you have stayed in. In future I will be checking which delivery firm is being used before I confirm an order.
Some companies use multiple couriers etc, so hard to find out.
You should be able to get something off Currys, as you are correct, the contract and payment was with them, not DHL.
DHL are a complete joke as far as I'm concerned.
I waited in all day for a package that according to their website was out on delivery. At 5.30pm I thought I would pop to their depot which is literally about 5 minutes walk from my house to see what was going on and the package was still in their warehouse! The staff who worked there didn't seem to give a damn about anything.
Anyway the contents were damaged and judging by the extent of the damage it had obviously been severely thrown about without the slightest care.
I will never use them again.
Your beginning to scare me now.
Perhaps we should refer to them as 'D H Hell' til they get their act together? I'm due a delivery from them today but it looks like it's still in Milton Keynes at the moment...
Lynx is the self employed guys we get and there very good
Been expecting a Virgin Mobile delivery since last week via Lynx
1st card: 7:50am when they are meant to deliver between 8am - 5pm
2nd card: sods law i nipped out for less than 10mins
3rd card: no attempt to even ring doorbell, just a card
4th card: we shall see

Pretty much everyone courier problem has its problems, UPS is the only one I've had zero problems with, ****tyLink are the worst one with many problems.

1st card: 7:50am when they are meant to deliver between 8am - 5pm

If there is a time printed on the card then your in your right to argue your case with virgin mobile about this service, who knows they might send you a virgin top up voucher for your troubles worth a shot mate
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