Posted 17th Oct 2016
I ordered a few food items from the US, mainly seasonings etc, nothing too exciting. DHL came to my door with the package and told me I had to pay them £19 before they could give me the parcel. This was apparently VAT. They even told me they would accept cash on the door. I refused to pay anything as I stated I had not received any type of invoice showing a breakdown of the charges. I phoned their call centre who confirmed that the fee could be paid online or to the courier by cash. I asked them for an invoice and they told me they couldn't provide me with one. They passed me through to another department who gave me the breakdown which was as follows:

Value of order: $56.96 (£43.94)
VAT: £8.78
Advanced Payment (Fee): £10.22
Total due: £19

I don't mind paying the tax, that's not an issue however I thinks it's scandalous that they are charging me £10.22 extra as a fee which is more than the tax itself. I'm furious though as they won't budge, they say this was because they paid the tax on my behalf, how nice of them eh? Any other courier I have used you pay the tax and they send you an invoice. No wonder they didn't want to send me the invoice.

Can they legally charge this fee? I already paid for delivery on this item and I would have been just as happy for it to lay in their offices until I had paid the VAT. This is merely a money making exercise.

Any advice would be much appreciated.
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