DHL delivery proble,m

Essentially out of 4 tvs sent to me from different people 3 have been smashed,and 4th hasnt arrived(every time I arrange it for some reason its stuck at depot)

First was a regular TV but only cost £15 from Ebay, arrived smashed to pieces, 2 was a 14 inch tv in loads of bubblewrap and about 3 boxes.

3rd was a plasma(which they claimed was damaged but there was none and the y refused to deliver it at the door)

The same depot "lost the Plasma as well as a PSP.

This time they failed to deliver once(I arranged for a Monday they delivered Tuesday) another time it never even left depot, this time it was released from storage and yet shows as at depot on tracking number!

I think things are getting stolen as why was the perfectly undamaged plasma claimed to be smashed, then lost, then the PSP lost


I'd stop using DHL ?

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I would but its like £7 for them and about £50 everywhere else to send an item(through a reseller)

Small items seem ok its the fragile items

are they "paying out" for lost/damaged items?

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Nope. first few were Payperdrop before they stopped using DHL.

Havent used latest reseller yet but they seem ok

I refuse to use DHL anymore due to the amount of things they break, i have had every parcel that was sent by them broken in some way, and never got paid any money back for anything, i hate them with a vengence. I use City Link through a reseller and parcelforce through a reseller.

Scare them with the police and even court action if the supplier will give you proof of postage or a tracking number. Normally the threat of the police will be enough but if not be prepared to go the whole way.


i still remember the last time i used DHL in america. My first item delivered by them went to some stranger who signed the package and DHL showed me the signature but it definitely wasn't me. The second item, I saw the delivery man drive in to my apartment gate and make a round then go out while I'm standing in front of the gate looking at the delivery van. Next, I call in and they said I wasn't at my apartment and that is why they couldn't deliver it. What a lough!!! Second attempt, I asked them to deliver to my workplace instead of my apartment and I didn't get it. I called in again and they said the item has been delivered to my workplace and again with some unknown signature. I wonder who that was? I asked the people in the factory and everyone went on a mission to look for my package... guess what... the delivery man left the package in our factory's car park!! Tell me... am I going to use them again? Worst thing... the second item is a retail hard drive and it fails after a few months.... what a coincidence!!! Great service... only God know how they handled my package! Also... only the delivery man know who signed the paperwork!! :w00t:

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Guess what NO PARCEL AGAIN! phoned DHL who said it hasnt been sent from depot again and they are rearranging for tommorow.

We have stuff delivered at work with DHL and I'm not surprised things get smashed etc the way they transported and handled!


My new PC came DHL, box bashed and PC not working.


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TV arrived Tuesday and as expected the delivery driver moaned at me(same one who moaned last time about the plasma)

The right speaker is smashed but the tv works but the left side of screen and right side is discoloured due to the speaker.
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