Diabetes - advice please

    Worried I may have diabetes. Last week had a blood test, result I found out today was 4.6 which is really good. However also had a fasting finger prick test at asda last week which said I was 6.1 mmol/l. Really worried what this means? 6.1 means pre diabetes but drs says 4.6. Not sure what to do now?! I know drs more accurate but that makes asda pharmacy test REALLY WRONG


    I'm assuming you had a fasting blood test at the Docs so that's why it was more accurate.

    As a diabetic myself I would suggest your are absolutely fine. If you are so concern, why not book in to your local diabetes clinic and see the nurse. When I first diagnosed with diabetes back in 2007, I was over 15 when tested with the NOT SO accurate blood glucose meter.


    fluctuations are normal.. do you have any other symptoms? if not i wouldnt worry

    With a fasting test result of 4.6 your fine.
    If you were thirsty all the time and drinking lot and going to the loo a lotttttttttt.
    I would worry as you have not said this i think you would be fine.
    Did the doctors do a pee test for glucose in your urine in they did and did not say any thing dont worry.

    The fasting test result was normal. But to be on the safe side, you can request another test from your GP or practice nurse in 3 months time.

    If there is no glucose found in the urine test, that does not rule out diabetes. And sadly, the majority of non insulin diabetes we find, is not from symptoms but routine checks. Yes some people can have increased thirst and pee a lot but increasingly, there are no symptoms.

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    Thanks everyone.
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