Diablo 4 cheapest option (PS5)

Posted 23rd Mar 2023
Diablo 4 playstation store is £69.99
Simply games £59.99
Shop To £62.85

Any other cheaper options?
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  1. McShane's avatar
    £52 from Turkey.


    Not much saving over the physical copy from Simply Games. I'd probably just go for that.
    kos1c's avatar
    That's a shame. I was hoping for a £40 mark for Xbox via vpn. May skip this release. Didn't find the beta amazing, will try again this weekend. But hopes aren't high.
  2. steve1221's avatar
    Personally, I'm waiting to see how Bliz monetize D4 before paying for it. While it's unlikely to be as horrible as Immortal, I can't see them turning down any chance of screwing more $$$ out of the player base.