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    Does anyone have a contract with Dial a Phone, im looking to take out a O2 cashback deal.

    Is the cashback reliable?

    Do the bills come directly from O2 or is one of them sub networks for O2 ie E2save, Singlepoint. I want to only go through O2 direct.

    Iv heard if i go through Quidco i get paid back via vouchers is this true?

    Are there any good deals on O2, need 500 mins and texts. Not too bothered about the phone just want the cheapest 12 month contract.


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    anyone help

    Sorry mate never used them & was trying to find a feedback link for Dial-a-phone but nothing is coming up.Have heard some are giving out vouchers so you will need to read t&c very carefully so you know exactly what you are going to get & how/when you need to claim. Many at the moment are going bust so its a risk i wouldn't personally take.

    I've used dialaphone for three contracts last one taken out this sept. They have been better then e2save, notification of recieving your claim is sent by text msg. I get paid by cheque, they may have changed. E2save take ages to process your claim and hold back on sending your cheque so you have to chase after them. I've never had problem with dialaphone but gifts do take a while to arrive if they don't have stock.

    Oh, I used quidco plus myself as a referal to get £80 off my contract. If you to use me for refferal I'll go spilts on the £20, just pm me for my details yb54.

    hi for cash back deals have a look at carphone warhouse i have used them they are good
    i hope this helps


    hi for cash back deals have a look at carphone warhouse i have used them … hi for cash back deals have a look at carphone warhouse i have used them they are goodi hope this helps adam786

    Welcome to hukd!

    cpw are the safeest of the lot but don't often offer the best deals, e2save and onestopphoneshop are part of the cpw group and often offer better deals.

    Cant see dial-a-phone going out of bussiness They were around long before CPW and the rest.
    Yes I have used them before but not for cashback was reduced line rental.

    I've used e2save no problem, but my bro got refused the whole years cashback even when he had 3 more claims left. Have one contract with mobiles2yourdoor, lets hope they keep to their word. Cashback contracts some you win and some you get a hole in your pocket.
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