Found 21st Jun 2008
Just came across this site on the web, was just wondering if anyone has ever used them and if they are reliable.
Their phones do seem rather cheap, so is it just too good to be true?


yes have used them quite a few times, also friend have too.

never had any problems with them, but if trying to get in contact with them through phone not email can be a bit of a pain.

think ducky made a thread on phone compaines, will have a look for you.

they are very established :thumbsup:

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The SEk800i is only £69 on here and it is £120 on lots of other sites, just thought there might be a catch!

dont be worried to use them, ( i says) hand on heart have never had a problem and like the othe poster said a very established company.

go for it! :thumbsup:

yep I used them on my current contract, no probs here.

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The one i want is pay as you go. I dont want the phone on Vodaphone, but they're usually easy to unblock to all networks ... I hope!…0i/

I've used them several times. No probs at all. Quick delivery too.

I think you can use quidco too. I have used them many times.

Used them many times over past few years. Usually, with cashback deals. One advantage is that they offer £35/£40 for recommending a friend or if you take out another contract thru them. So when my contract expires, I have taken out another one and recommended myself to get the incentive or taken out new contract for partner.

i feel dumb but can anyone confirm when to send my cashback?

need to send bill dated between 10 June & 10 July. Should this be my bill dated 11th June 08? (they want the bill date not period)

anyone confirm this?
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