dial a phone

    has dial a phone put there prices upon certain phones?

    i was looking for the thread that was posted yesterday ref nokia 6300 i beleive it was going for 40 ish quid looked at dial a phone this morning and seems like the prices has shot up?


    where has that thread gone? can some one post the link

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    zubair u guji?

    yep. u?

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    ya lol u only see tight gujis ere looking for them bargain deals neway ramadhan mubarak

    i believe the prices are still the same, were you talking bout the silver 6300, there were 3 diff networks you could have it on, but now only two, the one that has gone was the cheaper one think on virgin, so might have sold out.

    My Dialaphone contract is about to end, wouldn't touch them with a bargepole. Cashback was a nightmare to claim, I only received 2/4 claims as the other 2 cheques were apparently lost in post. Trying to get in contact with Dialaphone is near impossible. There is no phone support, they don't reply to their e-mails and I keep trying to use their online support but it keeps bringing up an error whenever I submit a lost in post cheque claim.
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