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    I have never used dialaphone but i was on the website today and there seem to be a good offer on at the minute…GB/

    I would like the phone with the highest re sell value as i am happy with my phone now. Would just want to make sure i get an o2 sim, the unlimited texts, 600mins and a free ps3. This all seems very good value for £35 a month

    Whats the deal with it? Does the ps3 come instantly? Any hidden catches on anything? I read bad reviews for dial a phone saying they have a terrible customer service and dont honour casback but that wouldnt really effect me.

    Any tips or recommendations for me on this?

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    Normally with these deals you just end up paying for the console anyway but might be a way of splitting the cost monthly. You may also find the phone on a better deal without it - They also don't also offer the most recent phones to make the package look more attractive.

    However, I'm with Dial-A-Phone with 2 contracts and must say their cashback to date has been excellent - Instructions are clear and from date of sending my claim I've had a cheque back within a week - Never had that speed elsewhere - Often 45 days after the claim period or similar.

    Up for renewal soon and I have already been looking at using them again.

    One other point is on most networks with them you can buy without having your PAC code to transfer your number in advance - Useful if you spot a good deal. Check the T&C's etc for info on that.
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