Found 30th Jul 2007
A few weeks ago, my girlfriend got a contract phone through dial-a-phone online. It came with a cashback offer of £160, redeemable at various stages of the 12-month term. Yesterday I went for the same offer, but when I got to the confirmation page I noticed that they cunningly stated that the cashback is not in fact cash but gift vouchers. Something my girlfriend did not notice, and has caused her to become concerned.

I contacted their sales team and they said that some of the cashback offers were in the form of vouchers and some were cash. So, I mentioned about my girlfriends concern only to be told to ring customer services.

Dial-a-phone's customer service consists of an automated faq robot... Which does not mention this problem? And their Customer Services email is automated to reply that no one is going to read your email.

Her contract says that she will receive cash, but she's still unsure whether she's going to get vouchers or cash.

Has anyone else experienced a similar problem? Or know how she can find out for what type of cashback she is getting.

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[SIZE=2]Some sites are resorting to this silly tactic.. giving Argos / Amazon vouchers instead of cash (voucherback he he..). If your original offer states cashback you can refuse vouchers and if nothing works, take them to small claims court. But, make sure you exhaust all options before resorting to latter [/SIZE]
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