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Found 5th Jul 2008
My in laws have bought a laptop (with in built modem) and as they are not frequent surfers [yet] they are just after dial up. I've been trying to find some of those free discs that you simply insert and it installs dial up access for you.

Can't find any for love nor money!

Does anyone know if there are any sites I can order any from? Donlt mind if it's BT, AOL or whatever?
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Tesco usually have em :thinking:
Its not that difficult to set it up to work without having a cd
Can't you just go and download the installer and transfer it to their rig?
Putting a CD in could also install all other sorts of unwanted rubbish.
I have used and would recommend


Thanks for advice and recommendations! Cheers!
Disk totaly unecessary for a dial-up . timber is right with the UK2 one . It's good and it's free , I use it [although very rarely ] as a back-up if my broadband is off . It let's you check your e-mails at least . Theres other's that are free too .

print off the info below , I did this for some of my customers a while back .Very easy to set-up , just follow the guide.

Windows XP setup guide
Right-click "My Network Places"
Click "Properties"
Click "Create a new connection"
Click Next twice
Click "Setup my connection manually", then "Next"
Enter "UK2.NET", then "Next"
Click Connect using a Dial-Up modem, then "Next"
Enter "0845 665 3000", then "Next"
Enter "uk2" in user name and password, then "Next"
Click "Finish"
Click "Dial" to test connection
Emergency Internet from Freeola.com
What Is Emergency Internet?

Emergency Internet is a free internet service provider offering a free fast and reliable 0845 dial up internet connection to modem and ISDN users. There are no monthly fees or charges from Emergency Internet. All you pay are low cost local dial-up call charges that appear on your normal phone bill.

>No Monthly Charges
>Fast & Reliable Dial-Up Internet Connection
>Completely Anonymous Internet Access
>No CD Installation or Contract Tie-in
>Free Customer Support 24/7
>No Sign-Up Costs & No Subscription
>Just Local Rate Pay As You Go Call Charges

How do I connect? Emergency Internet is easy to set-up, just follow the steps below for Instant Access:

Set Your Computer to Dial 0845 604 3090
Using ANY user name
and ANY password
Also if using BT consider making the 0845 number of the chosen ISP a Friends and Family contact and you will receive discount on every call!!
Definitely agree with the recommendations not to use a disc, I tend to set dial up users with Freeola as I find it's relatively quick and painless.

Waitrose do a great dialup pay as you go service and we use them as a backup if our broadband goes down. Only 3p peak time 8am-6pm and 1p at all other times + Weekends. Have a look ]http//ww…spx
I'd recommend beating them with sticks until they get broadband. It's marginally more expensive, perhaps, but dialup just isn't a viable means of internet access these days. Using Opera on a mobile phone to browse the internet, I'm beginning to find that most of the pages I access are between 20 and 500KB. Dial-up peaks at about 4KB/s, and is painfully laggy. Do they really want to wait between five seconds and two minutes for a page to download? They're going to miss practically all of the cool features of the internet, too.

For an extra £3 or £4 a month, which is probably all it'd be, they'd be mad not to go for dial-up. And plus, what's the point in paying a premium for a laptop if they don't want wireless internet to go with it? May as well have just bought a desktop, and saved a load of cash. And if you can use that argument on them, you've pretty much sold them the basic Tiscali broadband package. Good stuff.
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