just thought i would add this as not too happy with the way we have been treated through dialaphone,

    firstly i would like to add this to duckys mobile phone feedback, as in my last post about dialaphone i had not complaints, but that has changed since my father had is mobile phone stolen, the insurance company which dialaphone use refuse to pay out as father wasnt sure when it was taken, as he said it could of been taken from the back of his chair( in his coat pocket) when out for a meal, he could of lied but beeing honest sometimes gets you no where, he got a crime number from police but they say as there was no force used in the theft and the phone was not concealed on or about him therefore on this occasion your claim cannot be accepted, the insuranc company they use are allianze cornhill.

    and it gets more complicated he now has to pay £35.00 per month for a contract with no phone and even no sim card ( as we cancelled that on day of theft) and trying to get another sim card is just stupid, we are being passed from pillar to post , that is between dialaphone and o2, 02 are saying we have to go back to dialaphone as contract was taking out with them, and the only way to get through to dialaphone is when on their automated phone line you have to say you are wanting to take out a new contract, then you can speak to a human not a phone, and this has been going on since day after i posted on dialphones through duckys forum, and phone is my fathers life line a present as suffered a cardiac arrest just before xmas and having daily radiotheraphy at hopital for cancer.

    so any advice as what to do next would be appreciated and thanks in advance for any help..



    so any advice as what to do next would be appreciated and thanks in … so any advice as what to do next would be appreciated and thanks in advance for any help..

    [COLOR=royalblue]I hope you have cancelled the phone and the sim card to render them useless to the scumbag you has taken them.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#4169e1]Is there any CCTV footage of the place where the phone was lifted from, maybe they could hold it for the police to view and the culprit could be caught.[/COLOR]

    Original Poster

    yes cancelled as soon as we got home, and if sim card was still in phone, which i doubt it, phone will be locked too, but its just how difficult it has been to get another sim card, whilst hes still paying the 35.00 per month, o.k hes got to get another phone out of his own money but surely its not that difficult to get another sim card on the same contract, it puzzles me, it would of been a lot easier if he had signed up through o2 direct, but then its too late now, just wondered if anybody else has had simular problem, and thanks for you reply..:thumbsup:

    [COLOR=royalblue]Oh right, here we go, fun & games - take no crap and take no hostages. Cancel your direct debit and inform that company their T&C's do not help your need and it is wrong that you (or whoever) is forced to pay for something you no longer have control over. Yes you might have problems with bad credit but you can write to them as well outlining what has been done.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#4169e1]First of all I would cancel your DD and then write to this stupid company and inform them of your lastest actions with a last line that any trouble you or they have - will result in court action where a judge can decide who has done wrong. Any court will also appreciate the actions of MITIGATING costs/damages and if that means stopping your money being wasted on something that you no longer have, then no judge would scorn you. It might even make this company that supplied you the phone to changed their T&C's to protect their customers instead of participating in a form of SCAMMING.[/COLOR]

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    :thumbsup: thanks, but such a battle, and dad not up to it so left down to me, but when you read all the t and c cant find anything in it that why they refuse to pay out, but then thats life, will try to ring o2 again in morning as getting fed up now, but i do worry about credit history on our home as dad is here with us at present time untill hes stronger so phone is in our address, life never runs smoothly but will get onto o2 again in morning

    thanks for taking time to reply..:thumbsup:
    btw just down the road from you, bit of useless information, lol

    [COLOR=royalblue]When you contact O2, make sure that you contact the correct branch, there are different points of contact for on-line shopping, shops and billing. I know because I am being double billed by O2 since July on 2 phones and they keep passing me from pillar to post and all the time this goes on, the more compensation I am going to claim for their mistake.[/COLOR]

    Original Poster

    thanks will do! but trying to speak to a human this day and age is nigh on impossible, i get fed up talking to machines, lol but all in all before i have never had a problem with them, but then i have never had dealings with phones being stolen.

    [COLOR=royalblue]There are humans @ O2, it might take a little bit of time to get thru to them but they will help you. Also instaed of waiting for them to answer you on the CS number trying ringing their sales line number and they answer you straight away then they will put you thru to CS, I know it is a cheeky way of doing it but it is quicker than following that automated service. :thumbsup: [/COLOR]
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