Dialaphone cashback help!

    I've recieved the bill to send off to Dialaphone for my cashback and it matches the one i'm supposed to send in the instructions for claiming.

    I've contacted them about the following once before but they only sent the same instructions back as i've already got.

    All i wanted to know was do i just send them the original via recorded delivery. I have NO other paperwork/slips to send them like with e2save etc. I've changed my number in the Dialaphone website account section as well, how are they going to track me without my original Dialaphone order number etc etc


    Good luck ever getting money from them.

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    Good luck ever getting money from them.

    Mmmmm care to enlight me and all of up. What happened, why did they not accept your claim?

    Yes send them the original via recorded delivery and then hold your breath.

    There are threads on MSE about people having to take them to court to get their money, they have more loopholes than a fishing net...

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    I went for the deal cos feedback was pretty good for them. I couldn't find anything on this site about them, i think i even contacted duckmagic via pm.

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    Sent it off, wish me luck!
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