Dialaphone - coming to an end of 12 month contract (help)

    On the 5th of May I come to the end of a 12 month contract with t-mobile. I will be calling t mobile to cancel on 5th April, giving them 30 days notice.

    However, I can not submit my last claim for cashback for 30 days (after 5th May)

    My dilemma is I would have terminated the contract and fear Dialaphone not paying me my money. Their literature says: You will cease to be entitled to your redemptions if your airtime contract has been terminated at the date the redemption is applied unless a delay in applying the redemption is our fault.

    Do I therefore have to wait to cancel? What experience have people had?


    Phone them up?

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    Wish it was that easy

    They have a poor telephoneline. Only respond to telephone sales.

    The person may tell you anything and there is no comeback.

    You can't email them

    OH okay, i'm sorry then

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    Anyone had experience? thanks

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    Set up an online username if you haven't already and use the online "contact us" section to submit a query. It's the ONLY way to contact them unless you're buying a new phone.
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