dialaphone help?

    Basically I ordered a PAYG phone for someone as a present from dialaphone, I paid extra for it to be delivered this Saturday so it d be in good time for me to wrap it up and be in to sign for it since I wouldnt be in next week.

    However, it never turned up today, and checking the contact us page they do NOTHING to help PAYG customers. The 0207 doesnt work, so I have to use the 0871 customer service number - which only deals with contract customers. I ve tried emailing but quite a lot of them bounce back or is automated so I dont get a response ([email protected]). They have an address but what good is that?

    Can anyone help? I ll have to buy something else unless I know for certain that it is coming... Seriously I ve already decided that I ll never order from them again!


    if i remember rightly, we had problems trying to get in contact with them, and i rang 02 explaing couldnt get through to dialphone, so they told us to ring the number which you would , that you would use to take out a new contract, if you get me!

    and too right they answered that call and put us through th right department.

    good luck and worth a try.

    Return it under the distance selling regulations, and purchase elsewhere.


    dial a phone are trading on ebay- contact then that way

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    Thanks for the advice given.

    Will give the sales line a ring on monday.
    Email sent to the ebay address for dial a phone - not sure how they would respond probably fob me off to check the useless FAQs on the website.

    what a hassle to get in contact with them - thought they were part of CPW...


    thought they were part of CPW...

    Not that I know of. :thinking:

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    Called the sales line today - we cannot transfer you etc lol...
    Called the automated 0871 - could not get through a person!
    Emailed - both addresses yet no reply.

    not good at all.

    I ve already ordered elsewhere, just waiting for some sort of reponse from them. I d like the phone or my money back... But it looks like I m going to be getting neither. :-(
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