Dialaphone Redemption any experience.

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Found 10th Feb 2008
Good morning folks, I'm looking at one of the following two deals on O2 at Dialaphone



Both have discounted line rental via redemption however I have not done redemption before so was looking for any feedback on Dialaphone. I understand there can be many pitfuls with this sort of deal and they are not that straight forward.

Any advice would be gartefully received, thankyou.

Think I may have posted in wrong area, apologies if so.



I would say these cashback offers are a trick!!!
You dont automatically get the cashback, you must claim at each stage, by posting your bill to them,

Your FREE 9 months half price line rental is available by redemption in 3 stages: £52.50 at month 6, £52.50 at month 9, £52.50 at month 12

You will forget and they wont remind you, its more hassle than its worth!

I might by wrong?

i used to have i phone on that deal.. sent my bill to them an it never got there so there said..

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yeah I am abit dubiuos but thought I might give it a try specially with the quidco. Thinking of sending the bills by special delivery then surely they can'tsay they never recieved them.

i've used dialaphone twice now and never had any problems. Set up an outlook reminder every time you need to send your bill back and always send recorded delivery. They will send a text within a few days confirming receipt of the bill and a cheque usually arrives a week or two later.

I have heard not so good reviews on a couple of other providers. I'm currently with CarPhone Warehouse and have 2 phones currently on contract with cashback deals. They are very good too and have a first class customer service line - absolutely no problems.

Don't let a couple of unscrupulous providers put you off - Dialaphone a CPW in my opinion are both good and you can save ££££ by doing cashback deals. True they rely on folk to forget so as long as you dont you should be quids in!

Good luck!

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Right I think I going to take the plung. Now I've just got to choose the phone, thinking of the viewty.

Any comments

Not that well up on phones i'm afraid, others should be able to advise better. You can get £60 cashback via Quidco with dialaphone, but there are loads of offers on so just do your homework. Remember - they want your business and will go to almost any length to get it!

Good luck!

the viewty is the better phone mate..
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