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Found 27th May 2005
This looks fun rinkworks.com/dia…ect

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Oh that was funny :lol: I've seen this a while ago, but forgot all about it

This is the Swedish Chef version of a deal here:
Cumpooter Systems Frum £399 + 2% Ceshbeck + 899 Tescu Pueents

Cumpooter systems frum £399 uptu £836. Ell cume-a veet 500 ixtra Tescu Cloobcerd Pueents [899 tutel veet zee looest preeced system]. Brund is iQun und zeey hefe-a ieezeer Intel oor EMD prucessurs. Um gesh dee bork, bork! Ixemple-a: £399 System, iQud EMD Semprun 2800+, 256mb REM, 80gb Herd Dreefe-a, Pheelips DFD Pleyer/CDRV Dreefe-a, Pheelips 17' Muneetur, Internet sufftvere-a, Lugeetech Internet Keybuerd und Oopteecel Muoose-a, Fluppy Deesk Dreefe-a, Meecrusufft Vurks, Pheelips Speekers und iQun Recufery Sufftvere-a.

Vhere-a: iQud PC Boondles

Hoo: Fulloo zee ebufe-a leenk tu Tescu.Cum tu chuuse-a yuoor system boondle-a.
By useeng oone-a ooff zee ceshbeck seetes [must ooffffer eruoond £1.5%] boot QooeedCu.Cum veell iern yuoo 2%

Thoorsdey, Mey 26, 2005

It translates whole pages, thanks for that

This one is even better

This is one of the bleedin' Mae West Dell desktop offers ter come along for a wile now. Cop ffe
Dimension 3000 Old Kent Roaded up wiv 1GB of RAM and a 160GB 'ard drive along wiv a 17" TFT monitor for only £328 includin' VAT and deliright. This combines the bloomin' double memory, right, double storage, and free deliright offers. It also states it includes a free Dell 720 'Arold Pinter but this don't seem ter appear in the listin'.

Dell Dimension 3000
2.66GHz Celeron D (533 FSB)
160GB 'ard Drive
48x CDRW
17" TFT Monitor

Where: Dell Dimension

How: Follow the above link directly ter the bleedin' Dimension 3000 deal at Dell, right, change Support ter 90 day CAR and continue frough checkout. If yer prefer ter search by eValue code use 305 D06302a.

Fursday, right, May 26, 2005 :lol:

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