Posted 13th Dec 2021 (Posted 8 h, 56 m ago)
Hi. I'm looking to order a 100% goose down duvet and came across this site prices seem great,but I'm a bit worried that it's not quite as good as it seems. Anyone ordered from them before? If so what's the quality like? Thank you
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    The website has been around for a few years, which is a good sign - if this was a scam the site would not be up for so long.

    There's a fair selection of reviews for them online.

    The website is written in readable English, and is relevant to what the company is selling.

    There's a contact address, a contact email, and 2 phone numbers, one of which is an 0800 number.

    As it looks, I'd be happy to give them a try. Google "diamond bedding reviews" & see what others are saying about them & the quality of their stuff. (There's a thread on MumsNet about them as well).
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    Despite scant t’s&c’s on their website, it’s a legitimate business with just one director with a Companies House no. 10338456
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    Thank you. I've read the reviews and looked up the info. It was just some people's reviews saying that products weren't up to standard and that they fake their good reviews that got me a bit worried . Might go ahead and order and hope for the best
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    Get your self amazon own brand goose down duvet, most of the time they give good discounts on them. They are called umi goose down
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