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    I'll be travelling to NY in Jan to celebrate my wife's 30th Birthday. Whilst we're out there, I was hoping to purchase some good quality, certified diamond stud earrings for her. My budget is around £1k.

    For those who have visited NY, I was wondering where the best place to source certified, quality diamonds from at bargain prices. If there are some specific shops that I could look into before going out there, then great - all recommendations are appreciated.

    It will be the new year sales when we visit, so hopefully there will be some bargains to be had.



    Got to give Tiffany's a shout

    yep tiffany's seems a good bet, wow wish someone would spend 1k on earrings for me!!


    yep tiffany's seems a good bet, wow wish someone would spend 1k on … yep tiffany's seems a good bet, wow wish someone would spend 1k on earrings for me!!

    you must have a partner who will treat yea to some earrings:thumbsup:

    yeah but not 1k!!lol

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    I think that buying from Tiffany's will increase the price significantly. I'm really after an independent jeweller that can produce the same quality and style as Tiffany's, but at a sensible price. I really don't want to be paying a premium for the experience - at the end of the day, it's all about the size and sparkle of the rocks.

    I sourced my wife's engagement ring from the UK and saved around 50-60% against the shop price. I want to do the same again, and I guess I'm looking for some ideas and advise from people who have specifically bought diamonds from New York.


    allow tiffanys..ur gonna be paying for the name.. why dont u ask concierge desk in ur hotel when ur there?

    There is an area around Midtown Manhattan which is a whole block dedicated to diamonds and every single shop along this road is a diamond jewellers. It is called the Diamond District and if you Google it you will see exactly where it is. They had diamonds like I have never seen and it is definitely worth a visit even if you don't buy any. It's like stepping into another world - fantastic!

    Tiffany's is just a name - your paying a hell of a lot for a nice box!

    Dont forget to check duty free before going out - 17.5% discount and with the exchange rate at the mo it might be your best bet.

    Also main sales in NY from what i remember is after Thanksgiving.

    :oops:Have you got a single brother please?

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    :oops:Have you got a single brother please?

    It's just me I'm afraid...

    That is gonna be some bling! Head to the diamond district as suggested but just enjoy the shopping experience and let your wife choose something meaningful, much better than the bargain. I adore my diamond earrings and wear them every day, however it's not how much my hubby spent on them that matters, it's the meaning and circumstance behind them that always make me smile

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    Dooberrywoo - I totally agree with you. It will be a fantastic experience and I'm sure we'll find something perfect. The amount paid really isn't important, but I do have a budget and my aim will be to get the best diamonds I can for my money.

    As for the meaning and circumstance - I am taking her to New York and buying her you think that's sufficient? :-D
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