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Found 9th Feb 2011
Does anyone know of any good internet sites where i can purchase a nice diamond engagement ring ?

any help would be muchly appreciated.

ive already looked on israel-diamonds.com but want something to compare it to.

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Can't help with comparisons, but i have bought from isrealdiamonds and they were excellent, gave more details on this thread here a whilst ago


Price range?

Size of the Diamond?

Gold, Silver, White Gold?

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price range 750 - 1k, white gold, size and quality is what i'm looking at ?

Buy a cheapie out of Argos - you'll probably never reach the marriage stage and she's probably Sh*gging your best mate! Lol
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depending when you want / need it the tesco clubcard rewards for goldsmiths are fab and you could buy one there ? x

gems tv or the jewellery channel they always seem to have deals on


I have one for sale if you are interested!

I recently proposed to my Fiancé, and I have to say, going into a jewellery store was much better than the websites I was looking at.

Not only did I fall inlove instantly with the ring I chose, but the staff were helpful and friendly.

I went to one in Manchester City Centre called Arther McKay and Bros (I think), but I really reccommend them for advice. The ring went down a storm too, and I think I got a great deal. I didnt regret it anyway.

Good luck!

my uncle is a diamond setter in the jewellery quarter. He custom made me a couple of stunning rings. That way you could discuss with him the exact stone, gold, style

I also think going into a shop is best, at least to start with so you know what you want and you get familiar with the lingo that they talk about ( the 4 C's ) H samuals have good deals on every now and then, things like 25% off diamond rings, and theyre perfect for your price range. Also in a shop you can ALWAYS get the prices down at least 10%. I usually aim for 20% haha. I actually got 30% off the ring i bought but that was because of a price error.

Diamond Ocean.

Based in India.

Got my misses one from there, cost £1500, shipped over to their UK office, then special delivery to your door.

I got it valued over here for insurance purposes at £3700 !!

Thats a 1ct princess cut diamond in a platinum band.


price range 750 - 1k, white gold, size and quality is what i'm looking at … price range 750 - 1k, white gold, size and quality is what i'm looking at ?

I personally wouldnt get white gold unless you plan on constantly recoating it as the color tarnishes over the years, women and their hand creams i guess.

Titanium/Platinum would be stronger for the durability i believe.

If you buy a platinum engagement ring, you'll also have to buy a platinum wedding ring down the line, as platinum is a lot hard than the likes of White gold & will wear it away.....
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