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    For my girlfriends birthday her parents are gifting her their timeshare holiday for us to use in September. It's through a company called Diamond Resorts International. This differs from the usual timeshare where instead of going back to the one location every year you can choose from a number of their destinations all over the world. Has anyone ever had any experience with them or other companies like that ?

    I have only ever bought package holidays where I got off the plane and hopped straight on a bus which took me to my hotel. Is it easy enough to organise your own flights and transfers?


    It's very difficult to get out of once you're in. Will probably be paying for it for the rest of your life! My in laws signed up and now cannot get out.

    Depends on destination but very simple to book flights. Use for transfers. Just enter flight details etc and they will tell you where to be and when for pick ups. Very cheap too.

    We do the same, my parents have a Seasons week and we transfer that into interval international to go anywhere in the world.

    I've mainly used it for accommodation in the US and the quality has been excellent, comments from my family on the Europe places has also been good, obviously do some research on the place before committing.

    In the 8 or so weeks I've done, I've never had to sit through a sales pitch, when asked I decline and they have always been fine with that.

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    Thanks, this really helps
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