Diamond ring

Looking for a Diamond ring, is there any good plaes on the net?



It all depends on your price range...


Hi,Looking for a Diamond ring, is there any good plaes on the … Hi,Looking for a Diamond ring, is there any good plaes on the net?rockinter

Hi Rockinter.

i have spent the last 6-8 months looking at dimonds and diamond rings. what are you looking for exactly and what is your budget? this may help to find what your looking for.

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around £500, but looking for one piece diamond. 18ct gold. The diamond must be good quality


How good quality? Better the quality (up to Flawless) and colour (D is an absolutely pure white) the smaller the diamond will be to stay within budget. I'd aim for a .33 Carat for a solitaire at minimum.
Might be best to buy the diamond and get it set exactly as you want for that extra special piece- a small independant jeweller would be able to do this at a reasonable price. Lots of wholesalers and dropshippers around (whom sell you the item then has the manufacturer ship it direct and they take their cut) but DS means you can't be sure of quality.
Best way to do it would be to go to Antwerp in Belgium cutting out the costs built into the trade - import costs inc duty and middle man costs.Of course you'd be liable for import duty and vat if declared so worth taking into account.

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As already said diamondgeezer.com/ is a fantastic website. If you decide to go with DS make sure you have a certificate of authentication, for insurance purposes as well as knowing where the diamond has come from and what exactly it is. If it doesn’t come with a certificate of authentication you can always get it looked at by independent gemmological laboratories. (but it maybe to late once you have bought it) let us know how you get on. :thumbsup:
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