Diamond Ring From Fraser Hart Question

Found 6th Jan 2011
Last week I picked up a diamond ring for my girlfriend,

It cost about £2000 and we chose a certificated diamond as we wanted to be sure that we were getting was what we were paying for.

We have just looked at the paperwork and we have two certificates one for a .40ct and another for a .70ct but neither are independantly certificated by GIA.

Do you think we have been conned?

I can return as its still unworn and within 30days.

Do you have any feedback about fraser hart?
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If you Google Fraser Hart reviews there is quite a bit comes up.
usually cheaper via the auction but check out link below also sell certified diamonds too,

we have two certificates one for a .40ct and another for a .70ct

what in the ****.....

Read the reviews and dont seem to bad, but I have not got what I thought I bought!

what in the ****.....

Both store made certs!!

Both store made certs!!

mate, i'd go back and get my money back. what was the rest of the Cs?

If you're around london go to hatton garden or if you're near birmingham go to the jewellery quarter.

not heard of this company but it sounds like a h samuels kind of chain. I'd avoid.
.40, G, Si, Round Brilliant.

.40, G, Si, Round Brilliant.

:-o £2000 for that? Massively overpriced mate.
Not compared to others I have looked at, the same about £1500 online.

.40, G, Si, Round Brilliant.

.40? Si?.... ouch.

go to hatton garden.

or if she doesn't mind you getting it without her seeing checkout israel-diamonds.com/ someone pointed me to this site and it looks good. i haven't bought from them myself but the prices are competitive and you can see the certificates online.
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Ok defo returning.

Not compared to others I have looked at, the same about £1500 online.

Ok point proven and thankyou!!

Ok defo returning.

congratulations by the way. and good luck with your planning

now go get the best ring for your £2000!
Lol will do!!
Don`t do it
Lol all sorted now!!


I can reccomend 365-diamond. They are based in the Jewelry quarter in Birmingham and all their diamonds are cetified by one of the 3 major labs.

I gotmy fiances ring from them and they were great to deal with, great prices aswell.
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