Posted 18th Jan 2023 (Posted 12 h, 35 m ago)
Does anyone recommend an at home method to clean a diamond ring? Primarily the diamond.

I have seen cleaning solutions & pens on Amazon but the reviews aren’t great.

Thankyou !
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    Just take it to your local jewellers?
    not sure why you would consider at home remedies. if you want a good job done then they are the place to take it.
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    For the god ring, talk to Thanos
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    It's really good of you wanting to clean 'Gods' ring
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    About time the gods were cleaned out of our lives
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    I would try isopropyl alcohol.
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    Would an ultrasonic cleaner be safe on those materials?
    Sometimes it's just the dirt holding in the stones and they fall out when cleaned.
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    i use jewellery cleaner, which i buy from argos. works fine.
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    Ultra sonic cleaner or take to a reputable independent jewelers.
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