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fun topic for all hotdealers, i'm sure.

according to a letter in the times (à propos of GM apples not going brown) eve lowen from clapham provides an instant cure for those afflicted :

spread an apple on a plate, wait 30 minutes until it goes brown, eat it and bob's your uncle, upset stomach is soon righted.

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What about the verbal kind


The apple probably won't be the only thing that's turned brown having to wait 30 minutes.

Try a spoonful of corn flour, it won't cure it but it might help thicken it up!

What a load of cr**!

I'll try it out on my uncle Bob first.

2 teaspoons sugar, 1/4 teaspoon salt and a dash of of lime cordial all dissolved in water and drunk = homemade electrolytes to help you recover quicker.

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letter in the times from bernard stay, st albans
I leap to defend eve lowen and her recommendation of browned apples as a treatment for stomach upsets.

as a youth and suffering the agonies of an irritable bowel my family doctor suggested two dietary changes, firstly well-browned sliced apple which ever after i have certainly found effective in settling squalor in the guts and also lettuce as an ideal soft fibre as opposed to bran and rougher matter.

i am forever grateful to him as these treaments work for me.

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Poo story bro
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