Dickens World in Kent

Hi, we are thinking of going to dickens World in Kent and wondered if anyone has been there and what it's like? Is it an all day thing, as we are coming from the isle of wight i don't want to get there and its over in an hour. Thanks Guys


We live only 10 minutes away and consider that to have been a wasted journey. We were there about an hour and whilst the set is well presented you can only look at mock ups of old buildings for so long. The best thing is the water ride but that only lasts for about 5 minutes. We considered it to be a tragic waste of money.

defo not an all day thing. its prett crap actually. about half hour max and ur bored to tears,

by the way ive never had a day there properly. we had my sisters wedding there. but we ended up going lots to sort out bits and bobs. went on water ride as were waiting for staff and they told us to look around.... but after 10mins me and parent were soooo bored. its really lame.

for a wedding venue i defo recommend it but as for a day out. no way!

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Oh dear, that's a shame , thanks for the info.:thumbsup:
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